We are a camp near Houston, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. Our camp is situated on Mist Island, which, as its name says, is so thick with Mist (glamour) that it is impossible for mortals, and even some demigods outside the borders, to see it. Ships and other vessels never sail near the Island. Our magical borders extend over a three-mile radius around outskirts of the Island. The camp is much bigger than the other two camps, Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, although the campers are lagging in number. Would you like to join? We have 449 campers and you can become one of them. We usually recieve demigods who have been castaway or lost at sea or even those who the satyrs find out on the streets trying to defend themselves. We have only recently started taking campers with the help of Searchers (satyrs).

We are a Greek camp with cabins honoring each and every one of the gods and with new ways of doing things.

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