This is our rival camp. It is located near Chicago on Lake Michigan. It is a Roman camp. We fight them a lot. They are pretty tough, but we usually win. They're best camper is Alex Thundergrunt, a child of Mars (Roman for Ares). They do not know that Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter exist and vice-versa. They have only thirty cabins but they train their campers to be warriors and they have no fun. LAME.

The thirty cabins are roman names (Greek Names):

  1. Jupiter (Zeus)
  2. Neptune (Poseidon)
  3. Pluto (Hades)
  4. Vesta (Hestia)
  5. Ceres (Demeter)
  6. Juno (Hera)
  7. Apollo (Apollo)
  8. Diana (Artemis)
  9. Vulcan (Hephaestus)
  10. Venus (Aphrodite)
  11. Mercury (Hermes)
  12. Minerva (Athena)
  13. Mars (Ares)
  14. Faunus (Pan)
  15. Janus (None)
  16. Cupid (Eros)
  17. Bellona (Enyo)
  18. Discordia (Eris)
  19. Iris (Iris)
  20. Aesculapius (Asclepius)
  21. Somnus (Hypnos)
  22. Victoria (Nike)
  23. Sol (Helios)
  24. Fortuna (Tyche)
  25. Luna (Selene)
  26. Aurora (Eos)
  27. Aeolus (Aeolus)
  28. Trivia (Hecate)
  29. Juventas (Hebe)
  30. Orcus (Thanatos)

We have double the amount of cabins they do and at least three times as many campers.