• Kveykva.
  • Harta, Trevor Elison's dragon, from one angle.
  • Harta from another angle.
  • Carnelon, Gage Isaacson's dragon, from one angle.
  • Carnelon from another angle.
  • Gutaera, Eli Trevorson's dragon.
  • Istalri.
  • Jandusk.
There is a colony of dragons that live by the volcanoes. Gage Isaacson, Trevor Elison, Danny King and Eli Trevorson ride them a lot. There are many dragons in the colony of all different colors. They help a lot for traveling for quests. Gage, Trevor and Eli each kind of own their own dragon and named them.
  • Gage= Carnelon
  • Eli= Gutaera
  • Trevor= Harta
  • Danny= Istalri

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