Also Beasteli. He is one of the camp leaders and head counselor of the Khione cabin. He is equal to Trevor Elison in status, just below Gage Isaacson. His girlfriend is Lauren Johnson, a nice girl from the Poseidon Cabin. They have been dating for a while now. Eli has astonishing powers. He controls ice, snow and cold and does this very effectively. He can freeze almost everyone in camp, except the Hephaestus Cabin campers, who force a stalemate with their fire and heat powers. Eli Trevorson was one of the first campers to come to Camp Demigod after Gage founded it and has helped immensely over the years.

Eli Trevorson
Godly Parent: Khione
Powers: Cryokinesis, cold tolerance


Lauren Johnson

Best Friends:

Gage Isaacson, Trevor Elison (Cousin)
Status: Camp COunselor and Minor Camp Leader
Weapon: Kronos' Scythe

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