Hermes-- Caduceus
Hermes' Cabin


Good w/ pranks, messengers, speed

Camper Status:

Lots of Campers with long names

These campers are very mischievious. They love tricks and pick-pocketing, and also like to send messages. Campers include:

  • Freddie Williams
  • Hannah Fall
  • Alex Banks
  • Adam Banks
  • Morgan Steaman
  • Ellen Johnson
  • Riley Springs
  • Cody Bootz
  • Phil Liptrit (head counselor)
  • Jared Sirius
  • CJ Flamewheel

They have a pretty sweet cabin! It is big so they have a track to run on. They have many fun games like Xbox 360, with alot of games for it, and other fun stuff. Some of them don't work because of pranks that went wrong. Now you wish you were in the Hermes Cabin, right? (leave comments below).

P.S.-We work with Gage Isaacson as he gives us some of his Pear products to help with pranking, speed, and other needs!