Gage Isaacson was a normal boy that ran away from his mom, leaving his whole life behind. He then found out he was a demigod from his dad, who taught him to use his powers. Hephaestus told him he was destined to make a safe haven for demigods. Gage looked far and wide and then settled near Houston and cleared out the area with fire. He started building buildings, but he needed help.

New CampersEdit

A new camper was running from a manticore and was attracted to the pull of Gage Isaacson. He could sense his presence as a demigod. When he arrived at camp, Gage incinerated the manticore and taught him all about demigods. This campers name was Trevor Elison. Trevor was claimed as a son of Aeolus. Soon Trevor's cousin Eli Trevorson came. He was claimed as a son of Khione. Together they built a huge camp and sent out satyrs to get new campers. The new campers started piling in and they started helping out. They built cabins, secret places and many other buildings. Soon the camp became what it is today!

And that is the history of Camp Demigod!

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