Reaching the IslandEdit

Since our camp is on Mist Island, the border guards and water Nymphs are in charge of getting rid of monsters and helping new campers and their accompanying satyr across the Gulf, across the borders, on to the Island, and then, to the infirmary, Kreeo Klo (Main Circle) or Krya Katoyka (Main House) respectively.

They can only be safe once inside the camp borders because of the dangers of sea monsters. If you get there, that is an achievement within itself. The camp's protection was a gift from Hestia as we all value home, hearth and peace above all. The protection is extended three miles from the outline of Mist Island. This allows us to have docks to produce ships for the new campers and fishing boats for fishing, which is our primary source of income. (Except for Pear)

Introductions and claimingEdit

The new campers are given a tour by a head counselor, usually Trevor Elison, Gage Isaacson, or Eli Trevorson. Then they start doing everyday camp activities, including chores. They also select a weapon with help of counselors, or forge it themselves, like Hephaestus and Athena campers usually do. Sometimes it is immediately obvious who their godly parent is, without them being claimed.

Hypnos, Athena and Hephaestus campers are once again a perfect example.

Since gods usually take their time in claiming, unclaimed campers are distributed among the cabins according to their attributes and traits. These decisions are usually made by the camp director or camp leader, at camper's request.

Current leadersEdit

Camp Director: Psyche

Camp Leaders: Gage Isaacson(Hephaestus Cabin)counselor

Current CampersEdit




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