This is a power many demigods have. It controls certain things. There are many types:
  • Pyrokinesis, or fire, controlled by Hephaestus campers
  • Hydrokinesis, or water, controlled by water cabin group
  • Aerokinesis, or air, controlled by Weather Cabin Group
  • Geokinesis, or earth, controlled by Hades campers
  • Chlorokinesis, or plants, controlled by some of the nature cabin group, like Pan
  • Cryokinesis, or ice and snow, controlled by Khione campers
  • Electrokinesis, or electricity, controlled by Zeus campers
  • Technokinesis, or technology, controlled by Hephaestus campers
  • Biokinesis, or body and healing, controlled by healing cabin group
  • Hypnokinesis, or sleep, controlled by Hypnos and Morpheus campers
  • Mystiokinesis, or magic, controlled by Hecate campers
  • Umbrakinesis, or darkness, controlled by Cybele, Hades, and a little Selene campers
  • Photokinesis, or light, controlled by Helios, a little Eos, and a little Selene
  • Demokinesis, or people and persuasion, controlled by Peitho Campers
  • Telekinesis, or teleporting, controlled by Hermes and Iris kids

These are all very, very useful. Some campers control more than one, like Zeus campers control Electrokinesis and Aerokinesis. People that control more than one are extremely powerful. Some are more powerful than others, like Pyrokinesis and Electrokinesis.

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