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This is Gage Isaacson's electronics company. It provides a lot of money for camp. It rivals Apple and created GamerActive, like Kinect times 1000. There are many different branches of Pear, including:
  • Gaming EX) Pear GamerActive
  • Comfort EX) SuperComfort Bed
  • Convenience EX) TouchTable, TouchWall, TouchRoom, PearPhone
  • Social EX)
  • Commercial EX) PearAir Jets, PearWater Submarines
  • Life EX) TelePear (TVs), CompuPear, (Laptops, touchscreen computers, tablets, and minitablets)
  • Clothing EX) PearWear hats, shoes, shirts, shorts, pants, sweatshirts, coats, gloves, socks, underwear and every clothing)
  • Toys EX) PearPlay toys like Roboboy, a fully robotic boy
  • Appliances EX) SpeedOven, cooks anything in less than a minute, FoodServer which gives you whatever food or drink you want instantly

Their best breakthough yet is the TouchRoom, an entire room that is touchscreen, even better than the all touchscreen TouchTable and TouchWall. It can do anything, it is 3D and you can have different walls and the ceiling doing different things at one time.

The best gaming experience in the world is Pear GamerActive. It is LaserSense technology used to sense movements up to a tenth of a millimeter. It has many games available. To select choices all you do is point to what you want to select on the TV. It is so cool!

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