The volcano doesn't erupt though.

This is Gage Isaacson and Trevor Elison's secret hangout spot that no one else knows about. Eli Trevorson knows about it, although it would be too hot for him. It is a huge sphere made by Gage's fire powers in the volcano. It gets light from the glowing lava. There is everything needed to have fun in there, including Gage's signature food system and video game systems. There is an elevator that connects the floors. It is an amazingly technologically advanced place.

First FloorEdit

This is the top floor because the floors go downwards. There are many comfortable resting and relaxing stuff on this floor, including furniture, 80 inch LED TVs made by Pear, Gage Isaacson's electronic company. There are also many video games.

Second FloorEdit

This is the eating floor. There is Gage's Pear Food Server in this floor and also a TV for watching while eating. There is also a full kitchen in case Gage and Trevor want to make their own food.

Third FloorEdit

This is the video game floor. There are every kind of system and game, even Gage's Pear motion-sensing non-glitching, super amazing video game system called GamerActive. Every technology is in this room. There are also relaxing tings and resting areas on this floor too.

Fourth FloorEdit

This is the floor that is the biggest, being in the middle of the sphere. This is where sports are played, including football, basketball, baseball, archery, track, lacrosse, rugby, bowling, minigolf, and soccer. There are fields for all of them. Pool tables and ping-pong tables are on the outskirts of the floor.

Fifth FloorEdit

This is where Gage and Trevor sleep if they spend the night here, which they do occasionally. There are two king size beds that were made by Gage to give you the best sleep imaginable.

Sixth FloorEdit

This is the art room, where they play instruments, make inventions, paint, draw, and do anything art and music related. A very nice speaker system made by Pear, exists on the walls of the room.

Seventh FloorEdit

This is the data room, where Gage has a mother computer he built that keeps files on every one in every camp and monitors their activities.

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