The Olympians consist of the 12 most powerful Gods and Goddesses. They make all of the decisions. They are the strongest, most powerful and overall, (no offense to the minors gods and goddesses) better. They include:

  • Zeus= King of Gods, God of Lightning, Sky.(Big Three)
  • Poseidon= God of Water, Earthquakes. (Big Three)
  • Hera= Queen of the Gods, goddess of family.
  • Demeter= Goddess of agriculture, harvesting.
  • Apollo= God of Music and Archery.
  • Artemis= Goddess of the hunt and Archery.
  • Hephaestus= God of Fire, Inventing and Forges.
  • Ares= God of War and Fighting.
  • Athena= Goddess of Wisdom and War.
  • Hermes= God of tricks and messengers.
  • Dionysus= God of wine and parties. (took over when Hestia gave up her seat for him)
  • Aphrodite= Goddess of love and beauty.

Hestia used to be an Olympians but gave up her seat for Dionysus as to avoid a war. Hestia is very wise and strong in her own right.

Below are pictures of some of the olympians!

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