Trevor is good at using several weapons, but his main one is just a sword. It is made out of Majesterial Silver and Lunar Platinum and is really light for being 40 inches long. The combination of the two metals makes it very strong. He is one of the best warriors in camp while using this strong weapon. The length gives him a slight advantage when dueling. He is also good at using a bow and arrow. He was taught by Kaitlyn Hailstrom. He enjoys fighting Eli Trevorson and his scythe. It is a good battle too because it is hard for Trevor to hold of the scythe, but Eli can barely hold off Trevor. It is a very fun battle to watch but neither really ever gets a huge advantage. People usually gather around when they see some battle like this brewing. Gage Isaacson and Trevor also have a good fight, but Gage usually wins because his weapon can be used effectively in any situation, which gives him an advantage. Trevor wins occasionally though despite the disadvantage.